Here we have some interesting figures to share with you from 2012 Wine Consumer Report by Invictus Marketing published on PRWeb:


  • “More Millennials than ever before are drinking wine at least once a month”


  • “The research shows an astounding 35% of older Millennials between the ages of      25-34 drink wine at least once a month, representing the second largest age group of wine drinkers. The largest age group of wine drinkers are      individuals between the ages of 55-64, of which 35.2% drink one at least      once a month.”


  • “There is a huge group of Millennials with cash in hand which are interested in      wine, yet on the surface, for some reason wineries do not seem terribly      interested in them or their money.”


Conclusion: given some of the unique characteristics of this generation, having grown up in the digital and information ages, it is indispensable to use Internet and Social Media to reach them.


You can read the whole article here and download the report here.


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