USA Tour

2 May, 2017

New York and San Diego, seduced by DO La Mancha wines We landed and started our journey on the East Coast of the USA, in the city we all know in our mind’s eye. At a glance, our memories have no trouble identifying each corner, each building, each street in the most outstanding contemporary urban… Leer más »

Green shoots of life

4 April, 2017


Although nature can be observed and analysed with scientific methods and criteria, its exact behaviour in plants (luckily for wine growers) can’t be predicted with mathematical precision. As a living thing, the vine is subject to external forces, so both harvesting and fruit quality frequently depend on weather and other environmental conditions. The way the… Leer más »

DO La Mancha ends its tour successfully consolidating its wines in Asia

3 April, 2017

China, South Korea and Singapore were the last stops on the first promotional Road Show outside the European Union With 8,386,536 bottles, China is currently the main customer for wines from La Mancha Designation of Origin. La Mancha wineries are continuing to focus their efforts on the market in the country of the Great Wall…. Leer más »

Designation of Origin, the reasons for trusting a DO wine

31 January, 2017


They’re part of the local identity, inseparable from the land, they express the distinguishing features of the people who live, feel and understand winemaking as a shared legacy, an age-old inheritance from Ancient Rome, but each one has its own traits marked by each culture, each tradition and even each village and each winery. Travellers… Leer más »

Infographic gallery 2016

29 December, 2016


2016 has been a year full of moments, moments that have been shared with the loved ones or even with strangers; but always with a glass of wine in our hand… From La Mancha Designation of Origin we want to remember all those moments drinking a glass of wine, and the best way to do… Leer más »

10 DIY wine cork Christmas decoration ideas

14 December, 2016


Do you love Christmas? Do you love wine? Do you love recycling? Do you love DIY? Here you have some wine cork Christmas decoration ideas to combine all your passions! If you are a wine lover you are going to drink a lot of wine during Christmas, and then you will probably ask yourself what… Leer más »

8 great tattoo ideas for wine lovers

7 December, 2016

Wine Tattoos - Portada

Check out these tattoos from devotees who have made a lifetime commitment to wine. Tattoo wine ideas! A tattoo is a permanent design made on skin with a needle and ink. Just how much of a wine lover are you? Wine stains on skin are so much cooler than wine stains on anything else! There are… Leer más »

20 great wine quotes

2 November, 2016

Wine quotes

20 of some of the most famous wine quotes. These memorable quotes will stick with you every time you experience the delights of wine. Great quotes! Words on wine from around the world, over the ages… by poets and authors, scientists, and politicians – plus a bunch of people whose names we’ve forgotten. 1. The… Leer más »

World wine production in 2016

2 November, 2016


One of the lowest in the 21st century According to data released by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (the OIV), world wine production for 2016 is estimated to be 259 million hectolitres, a 5% drop. In October, the first estimated figures for the current world wine situation were presented by Jean Marie Aurand,… Leer más »

Buñuelos de viento and saint’s bones

26 October, 2016


We visit the bakery at Tradición 1892 cake shop in Alcázar de San Juan, with a lovely aroma of pastries wafting over us. Despite the order and cleanliness, there’s frenetic activity here in the build-up to All Saints’ Day. In this shop, run by fifth generation artisan pastry makers, they innovate without renouncing tradition. One… Leer más »

10 Halloween Wine Accessories

19 October, 2016

Halloween Wine Accessories

Planning on throwing a Halloween party with your family and friends? If so, of course you want to have the best and spookiest decor. Check out these Halloween wine accessories for all your party needs 1. Bottle stoppers Halloween-themed bottle stoppers for those bottles of wine your guests don’t finish.     Source: Wine Vine… Leer más »

Cod with ‘Capilla’ sauce

18 October, 2016

Bacalao en salsa capilla

This cod stands for traditional values. From serving daily lunches to becoming a trendy gastro-bar on the region’s gastronomic itineraries, in late 2011, La Capilla de Palacio turned its image and design around completely to invest in new trends.  “We haven’t turned our backs on simplicity in the kitchen, but we’re now looking to give… Leer más »