Satisfaction within the Regulatory Council during the first part of the tour around North America: Miami, New York and Chicago have been visited

La Mancha, with the biggest representation during the World Wine Meeting recently held in Chicago, became one of the major players during the tour. 17 wineries participated together with the Regulatory Board of the Designation of Origin La Mancha in an important meeting with the major importers of the North American country. “This is the first time we are present in the World Wine Meeting and the assessment so far is very positive; we have also been the wine area with the highest representation during the event” stressed Angel Ortega, manager of the Designation of Origin La Mancha. The presence of La Mancha region was also highlighted along different activities like a seminar and a workshop about food pairing that emphasized the quality of wines and their gastronomic potential to attract the American public. “It is one of the most exciting areas from which we can export wines to the United States due to its potential to elaborate high quality wines at very good prices, what clearly represents a competitive advantage over other European regions” said Nora Favelukes, from QW Wine Experts and speaker during the seminar of the DO La Mancha wines in Chicago.

Days before, La Mancha wines American tour visited Miami and New York, two spots particularly important within the US market. The first one, located in Florida is a state with a large number of Spanish-speaking population, “where Spanish wines have greater penetration capacity“; while New York City remains as “the main port of entry of wines in the world”. In both cities, the formula ‘B2B‘ was chosen and so closed meetings with importers took place. These meetings have been so far satisfactorily evaluated by the Regulatory Board, as Ortega indicated himself.

The tour around US will continue visiting other cities of importance related to the consumption of wines in the world along the west coast, such as Seattle, earlier this week and then and San Francisco next May 11th.

These actions will have an impact on the sales results of La Mancha wineries according to the Regulatory Board, furthermore since United States reflected a growth of 9.8% (955,404 bottles in 2015) ranking and is today the second non-EU importer from DO La Mancha wines, behind China.



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