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The grape harvest in 360º

24 August, 2017

An experience with a 360º camera immersing viewers in the grape picking action Also known as spherical or 360º videos, they’re the latest technological leap in image recording. This new technique provides a full panoramic view of the action, allowing viewers to use their mobile phone or computer screen to live the full experience as… Read more »

Delicate white chardonnay

7 August, 2017

Mechanised night-time harvesting has taken over DO La Mancha vineyards for the chardonnay variety, one of the first to be picked     The grape was first grown in the Burgundy region of France, although nowadays you could say it’s one of the most frequently grown varieties in vineyards all over the world. The bunches… Read more »

Vinexpo in Bordeaux, the next promotional trip for DO La Mancha wines

19 June, 2017

folleto-promocional-con-el-slogan-en-frances en Vinexpo

For the second year running, the Regulatory Board will be attending the Fair from 18 to 21 June Wines from the La Mancha Designation of Origin will once again be travelling to what has become the European continent’s second biggest wine fair, surpassed only by Prowein, in Düsseldorf. This year, 2017, the guest country of… Read more »

USA Tour

2 May, 2017

New York and San Diego, seduced by DO La Mancha wines We landed and started our journey on the East Coast of the USA, in the city we all know in our mind’s eye. At a glance, our memories have no trouble identifying each corner, each building, each street in the most outstanding contemporary urban… Read more »

DO La Mancha ends its tour successfully consolidating its wines in Asia

3 April, 2017

China, South Korea and Singapore were the last stops on the first promotional Road Show outside the European Union With 8,386,536 bottles, China is currently the main customer for wines from La Mancha Designation of Origin. La Mancha wineries are continuing to focus their efforts on the market in the country of the Great Wall…. Read more »

DO La Mancha wines strengthen their image at ProWein 2017

27 March, 2017

Satisfaction with the Regulatory Board’s trip following its attendance at the world’s biggest wine fair in Düsseldorf, Germany For the third consecutive year, wines from the La Mancha Designation of Origin attended ProWein, which has grown to become the biggest trade fair in the world for the wine industry. The DO had its own stand… Read more »

DO La Mancha wines stand out in United States

9 May, 2016

Satisfaction within the Regulatory Council during the first part of the tour around North America: Miami, New York and Chicago have been visited La Mancha, with the biggest representation during the World Wine Meeting recently held in Chicago, became one of the major players during the tour. 17 wineries participated together with the Regulatory Board… Read more »

La Mancha Wines won the world over

5 March, 2015

From the heart of La Mancha to the world markets. Wines with Denomination of Origin La Mancha can seduce all over the palates in the world thanks to their  tastings and universal colour.

La Mancha, Wines worth discovering

5 March, 2015

Have you ever tasted wines from La Mancha ? We are sure you will find them different. Diversity and variety are the main things that describe the grapes from La Mancha. The own and most important grape are airen for white grapes, and tempranillo or cencibel for red grapes; but there are some more varieties… Read more »