The sustainability and tradition of DO La Mancha wines is promoted in Asia as part of the the EU-funded European Wine Ambassadors programme.

This was the final push by La Mancha Designation of Origin in terms of overseas promotion. The action was focused on third countries on the Asian continent and was part of the programme supported with funds from the European Union through the European Research Executive Agency (REA) under Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014. The primary aim of the programme is to disseminate quality wine culture by concentrating on training professionals from the chosen country (importers, distributors, media, etc.).

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During the campaign, La Mancha wines participated with seminars in conjunction with other European Designations like Wines of Greece and the Union of DOC and DOCG Wines of Veneto (UVIVE).

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Asian markets

These actions closed the Regulatory Board’s 2023 international promotion, focusing on emerging consumer countries in the last decade, including  China, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. Specifically, the last round of European Wine Ambassadors seminars took place during the month of December in Xi’an, Beijing and Shenzhen.

Excellence and quality

Featuring the best sommelier professionals with extensive knowledge of wines, the European Wine Ambassadors seminars were convened in top quality hotels, bringing together more than 200 professionals in person along with another 400 who attended virtually on the Xiao E Tong platform.

Participating wineries

The following wineries attended the European Wine Ambassadors seminars:


Looking ahead to 2024, the European Wine Ambassadors programme is expected to continue into its third and final year.


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