More than 8,000 visitors, mainly from countries like China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, were in attendance at Vinexpo Asia. The fair has taken over from its namesake in Hong Kong and has positioned Singapore as one of the world’s strategic ports, a key gateway to the emerging Asian market.

In fact, this year’s event, which was held from 23 to 25 May in the Southeast Asian city state of Singapore, has signalled the return to trade fair normality and an opening up to promotion across the world after several years of pandemic.

According to the organisation’s own data, close to 1,000 exhibitors from 35 different countries took part in Vinexpo Asia.

The event also emphasises the commitment of La Mancha DO wines to continue strengthening sales and marketing activities in the Asian region beyond the growing potential offered by China and Japan (currently in the Top-5 of destination sales for La Mancha wines).


The sustainability of European wines

As part of the European Sustainable Wines campaign, carried out jointly with the wine consortia of Abruzzo and Barbera d’Asti, La Mancha DO wines attended the Vinexpo Asia fair in Singapore in an intense promotion plan focused on the Asia-Pacific region. Concentrating specifically on third-country markets in Asia, the European Sustainable Wines action is funded by the European Union and seeks to promote European quality wines associated with the concepts of sustainability, history and social tradition linked to viticulture.


El nuevo logo de los vinos de La Mancha en Singapur
Bottle of wine DO La Mancha with the new logo

Participation of La Mancha DO

 The event was held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre within the iconic Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. La Mancha wines attended Vinexpo Asia with a 60 m2 pavilion and the participation of four wineries from the La Mancha Designation of Origin, in addition to a free tasting area with 26 selected wines.

Wineries exhibiting at Vinexpo Hong Kong

  1. Vinos y Bodegas
  2. Allozo Centro Españolas
  3. Bodegas El Progreso
  4. Bodegas Ayuso

Wineries with wines in the tasting area

  1. Allozo Centro Españolas
  2. Bodega El Vínculo (Grupo Familia Fernández Rivera)
  3. Bodegas Alcardet
  4. Bodegas Ayuso
  5. Bodegas Campos Reales
  6. Bodegas Cristo de la Vega
  7. Bodegas El Progreso (Grupo Vidasol)
  8. Bodegas Isidro Milagro
  9. Bodegas La Remediadora
  10. Bodegas Latúe – San Isidro, S.C.C.L.M.
  11. Bodegas Lozano
  12. Bodegas Puente de Rus
  13. Bodegas Yuntero
  14. Castillo de Aresan
  15. Dominio de Baco // Dcoop Wine Division
  16. Félix Solís
  17. Finca Antigua
  18. García Carrión La Mancha
  19. Santa Catalina
  20. Vinícola de Tomelloso
  21. Vinos y Bodegas
  22. Virgen de las Viñas Bodega y Almazara


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