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Today, we have two new “grape guests” in our third posts about the grape varieties in D.O. La Mancha area: Garnacha and Moscatel Grano Menudo

Source: DO La Mancha


It is the second most important variety for red wines in the Designation of Origin La Mancha, after Cencibel. It is characterized by its productivity. It is present in almost all Spanish wine regions. Known in other regions under the name of Garnatxa, Aragonés, Giro, Lladoner, Tinto de Navalcarnero, Tinto Navarro and Gironet. It is said to originate from the Ebro Valley and its name, of confusing etymology, could become the Grenat referring to the color of their wines. It is a medium and compact size cluster, black in color and of a spheroid shape; the grapes are thin-skinned, juicy flesh and colourless juice.


Source: DO La Mancha

Moscatel Grano Menudo

Native Variety from the easternMediterraneanand, therefore, suitable for hot climates. Not vigorous, small cluster of early blossoming, with good results in limestone and some resistance to drought. Its low production favours the production of aromatic wines, fragrant and fresh, together with alcohol and high acidity, but very large and tasty to the palate. Formerly it was used almost exclusively for sweet wines, but nowadays people also produce excellent young dry wines.




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