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Today, we have two aromatic grapes in our posts about the grape varieties you can find in Denomination of Origin La Mancha wines: Graciano and Sauvignon Blanc



Source: D.O. La Mancha


A red wine that yields good disease resistance, which comes from the region of Rioja and Navarra. Its vine resists drought well, has good endurance and a rather late bud break. Their grapes, deep black in color and small size, thin skinned , produce bright red grape juice, acidic and aromatic, but of quick oxidation. This type of grape produces deep red wines with high acidity, which when young tend to be very tannic, harsh and rough, but experiencing a great aging development during the wood and bottle phase. Therefore, it is very common to find it in “coupages” with a great variety of Tempranillo wines for wines with an aging process.


Source: D.O. La Mancha

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a native of Loire Valley (France) and its name comes from the combination of the French word sauvage (wild) , vignoble (vineyard) and blanc (white). This variety is very aromatic and well adapted to cold climates, but also offers a suitable adaptation to dry climates. In La Mancha it is producing a significant increase in plantations of this variety, considering their great aromatic contribution. It is also cultivated in Castilla-León and Catalonia. Blossoming is early and resistant to cold weather conditions. The clusters are medium sized and cylindrical shape, with yellow colored grapes, the skin being soft and its nectar very fragrant and juicy.



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