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Vine Flowering

12 June, 2017


As plants, vines follow annual growth cycles set by the seasons. The arrival of autumn and winter, when temperatures drop, means the plant ceases its activity and enters a dormant phase until spring, when it becomes active once again. Firstly, in March, after the buds have broken, shoots start to grow (this takes  place at… Read more »

Roses as early warning systems

12 June, 2017

You’ll see the same on any vineyard across the planet, whether it’s in La Mancha, France or in New World countries like New Zealand and the United States. Although this may seem like a merely decorative touch or the sign of a resident rose-growing enthusiast, the presence of rose bushes in vineyards has nothing to… Read more »

Green shoots of life

4 April, 2017

Although nature can be observed and analysed with scientific methods and criteria, its exact behaviour in plants (luckily for wine growers) can’t be predicted with mathematical precision. As a living thing, the vine is subject to external forces, so both harvesting and fruit quality frequently depend on weather and other environmental conditions. The way the… Read more »

Designation of Origin, the reasons for trusting a DO wine

31 January, 2017

They’re part of the local identity, inseparable from the land, they express the distinguishing features of the people who live, feel and understand winemaking as a shared legacy, an age-old inheritance from Ancient Rome, but each one has its own traits marked by each culture, each tradition and even each village and each winery. Travellers… Read more »