La misión inversa también pudo pisar algún viñedo de La Mancha en plena vendimia

They will meet with different wineries, in addition to visiting various vineyards of the La Mancha D.O., with the harvest campaign well underway.



For the second consecutive year, the Regulatory Council has chosen the harvest season to promote its wines abroad. It will be during the third week of September, with the harvest of the native Airén variety in full swing, when a dozen import professionals will be able to learn all about the characteristic features of La Mancha D.O. wines, in situ.

Un importadora rusa cata un tinto de La Mancha
A Russian importer samples a red wine from La Mancha in the last Reverse Mission of 2018.

Schedule and Setting

From September 16 to 20, importers will participate in different activities allowing them to gain a better understanding of the Manchego wine sector, right up close. To this end they will visit around seven wineries, hold meetings with wineries in different locations across La Mancha (Alcázar de San Juan, Socuéllamos, La Solana), and walk in the vineyards themselves.


The intensive programme will be topped off on a cultural level, with visits to charming sites of great tourist appeal, such as Toledo, Campo de Criptana, El Toboso, and the Caves of Tomelloso, as well as various lunches and dinners featuring wine pairings with the most distinctive dishes in Manchego cuisine.

From which countries are people coming to explore La Mancha?

In total, the promotional expedition will be comprised of a dozen future buyers. About seven will arrive from Mexico and Colombia, nations who have expressed a repeated interest in La Mancha’s wines, together with five importers from Japan, a country very drawn by the culture of Cervantes and Don Quixote in general, participating for the first time in a reverse mission on Manchegan soil.

Anna Svridenko, sumiller de San Petersburgo sostiene un racimo de uva tempranillo
Anna Svridenko, a sommelier from St. Petersburg, holds a bunch of Tempranillo grapes. Reverse Mission 2018

Wineries signed up for the reverse mission activities

    • Baco – Dcoop Group
    • Bodegas Alcardet
    • Bodegas Altovela
    • Bodegas Entremontes
    • Bodegas Naranjo
    • Bodegas Navarro López
    • Bodegas Verdúguez
    • Bodegas Vidal del Saz
    • Bogarve 1915
    • Félix Solís
    • J García Carrión
    • Bodegas Ayuso
    • Bodegas Cristo de la Vega
    • Bodegas Fernando Castro
    • Bodegas Illana
    • Bodegas La Remediadora
    • Bodegas Puente de Rus
    • Bodegas San Isidro (Pedro Muñoz)
    • Castillo de Aresan
    • Hammeken Cellars
    • Vinos Coloman
    • Bodegas Centro Españolas
    • Bodegas Isidro Milagro
    • Bodegas Isla
    • Bodegas Romero de Ávila
    • Bodegas Yuntero
    • Santa Catalina
    • Vinícola de Castilla
    • Vinícola de Tomelloso
    • Vinos de David Auñon
    • Virgen de las Viñas
    • Bodegas El Progreso



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