La Mancha Excellent: wine "Pago de la Jaraba 2018"

“Pago de la Jaraba has its own distinctive identity, drawn from the natural and historic landscape of La Jaraba, where the vines are grown and production is based, and known for commitment and quality from field to table.

A great integrated and sustainable farming venture with the clear aim of elevating the quality of its wines in La Mancha.

Discover Pago de la Jaraba 2018

Bottling the history and countryside of La Jaraba in every vintage, this Castile-La Mancha landscape with 80 hectares of vineyard (belonging to LA MANCHA Designation of Origin from the outset and protected from June 2019 by its own Designation of Origin as Vino de Pago “La Jaraba PDO”) is the birthplace of PAGO DE LA JARABA wine. The 2018 vintage was sold under the new classification of “La Mancha Excellent”, applied to high-end wines by the Designation of Origin. This is a fantastic wine, one that the experts would call “terroir”, in varietal terms comprising a very Spanish Tempranillo and flanked by the Bordeaux grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Alcoholic fermentation in French oak vats and subsequent ageing in French oak barrels for 12 months give rise to an authentic sensory giant”.

Botella de vino Pago de la Jaraba - La Mancha Excellent

Discover La Jaraba

La Jaraba” is in the heart of La Mancha, halfway between the provinces of Albacete and Cuenca, in the historic rural area it’s named after and where 80 hectares of unique vineyards are surrounded by 92 hectares of low mountain holm oak woodland and pine forests. Its location means it enjoys its own distinctive micro-climate, which, together with the high mineral content in the soil from the area’s river origins, helps produce wines that are intense, aromatic and generous, with marked mineral notes and balsamic aromas.

The “Pago de La Jaraba” venture came about in the mid-1990s with the idea of recovering the good name of the wines that the area was once well known for and earning it a great reputation as a renowned wine-producing landscape on the national and international scene. Francisco Fernández, Technical Director, and a member of the family who owns the winery, says “from the outset, wine was a fundamental part of the venture, as here on the estate we also make Manchego D.O. Artisan Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.

La Jaraba wines are first and foremost a fantastic example of what the French call terroir wines. They comprise a very Spanish and inimitable Tempranillo, flanked by the foreign and very typically Bordeaux grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The ageing of these wines in casks and in the bottle shapes their organoleptic features, turning them into real sensory giants. The result is ripe picota cherry red wines with a medium to high intensity, with aromas of red and black berries, full-bodied and meaty in the mouth… as Francisco Fernandez comments, “our task is to bottle the history and countryside of La Jaraba in every vintage”.