The good figures for D.O. La Mancha wine exports show the results of the efforts made by our wineries in promotional events like the Road Shows in U.S.A. and Brazil two weeks ago.

La Mancha bottled wine exports up 11.2% comparing first quarter 2011, reaching 5,063,076 bottles, 500,000 bottles more than the previous year. Inside the EU, Germany still is the main importer of wines from La Mancha with 439,992 bottles; follow by Holland and UK with 322,104 and 112.788 bottles, respectively.

On the other side, Outside Europe, La Mancha wines had good results in the highly competitive market of U.S.A. with 128,664 bottles. In the Far East, China got a favorable reception of our wines, importing 181,452 bottles and in Japan too with 74,040. It is noteworthy the results achieved in Taiwan with 120,000 bottles despite the tough economic situation.


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