On April 1rst, a group of 24 North American university students from IES Abroad’s course “Spanish Models of Organization and Management” were visiting the wine area of La Mancha to learn the different kinds of wineries in the region.

The first visit was the cooperative Bodegas Entremontes in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo) and they were surprised with the volume of wine production, the large number of members (more than 1,000) and the fact that the cooperative has its own bank.

After that they visited Finca Antigua in Los Hinojosos (Cuenca) which has 400 Ha vineyards and an ageing hall with thousand of oak cask. This winery belongs to a holding of companies with wineries in different Denominations of Origin.

The last stop was the DO La Mancha headquarters in Alcázar de San Juan to visit their facilities and the Museum of Wine where they tasted some local wines, one Airen grape wine and two Tempranillo red wines.

The visit concluded with a lunch with local “manchega” cuisine and a cultural visit to the windmills in Campo de Criptana.

Students and teachers emphasized the quality of the wines, confirming their great capabilities to face an International Market such as the United States.


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