Good weather is coming and ice creams are a one of the most recurrent desserts. They are a delicatessen that needs no excuse to be enjoyed, and if they are as the one we are occupies today in this article, hundred percent natural, even more.


In the photograph you can see a Greek yogurt ice cream on a bed of sauteed red fruits with sweet. A delight of contrasting flavors and textures elaborated by the hand of the Chef Jose Antonio Pintado, able to combine these products on a manner where each of them is highlighted, all in the right proportions.

A good glass of wine, just makes this combination even better, so I will proceed with the recommendation of a good appellation of origin La Mancha wine pairing, since they are wines of universal color and flavor!

Greek yogurt is distinguished by its acidity, but when freezing it, it requires from the cooker an addition of sugar that contributes to the texture. Low temperature makes the feeling of acidity even more remarkable and the  grace red fruit coulis remain thanks to the sautée with Porto wine, a sweet liqueur that leaves almost intact the texture but confers to berries the sweet and syrupy touch needed.

Certainly, any vermouth or chestnut wine, even a mistela elaborated in the traditional manner in any winery of Castilla – La Mancha could be a good choice to accompany this dessert, but I personally bet on a natural sweet white wine made from the wonderful grain of the grape as the best choice.

Served in a large and thin burgundy glass with a temperature close to 8º C  Centigrade, slowly, leaving its characteristic varietal aromas that reminds us to  stone fruit and floral come into the surface and always avoiding the wine getting warm.


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