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We found this interesting post by Harris Interactive on Bradenton Herald about some wine drinking habits in U.S.:

  • “Whether it’s for convenience, cost, patriotism, personal preference or something else, a large majority of adults who buy or drink wine say they buy or drink wine from the United States (89%).  Sizeable numbers say they buy or drink wine from Italy (37%), Australia (34%) and France (33%) while one in five or fewer buy or drink wine from Chile (21%), Spain (21%), Germany (20%) or Argentina (19%).”
  • “Despite what wine Americans are currently purchasing, half or more who buy or drink wine say they would consider purchasing wine from the U.S. (85%), Italy (62%), France (60%), Australia (50%) and Spain (50%).”
  • “Consistent with that theory, 78% of adults who drink wine say they sometimes or frequently purchase a bottle of wine that they have had before. This practice is most common among older adults and women. “
  • “When wine drinkers were asked how much they spent on the last bottle of wine they purchased, 61% reported paying $14 or less — 35% paid between $10 and $14 and 26% paid less than $10; 20% paid $15-$19, 11% paid $20-$29 and 8% paid $30 or more.”


You can read the whole article here



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