Look for the Wines of La Mancha quality seal

Ensuring the highest quality of its products is the most valuable task for the Regulatory Board of the La Mancha Designation of Origin. Each bottle of wine bearing the strip or back label means that the product being purchased has undergone rigorous quality controls, which involve monitoring the wine all the way from the vineyard to the winery through to bottling. In addition to protecting their traceability, La Mancha wines must meet stringent requirements in which only the best can be given the back label.

Each strip on a bottle of wine from La Mancha is also the certification of its origin. Only the fruit grown on La Mancha soil, which gives them unique and exceptional aromas and flavours, can be certified. With a wide range of wine types and varieties on offer, the Regulatory Board also assists in consumer choice by describing on the label the type of wine and how it’s made. In short, wines with La Mancha Designation of Origin are the result of excellent fruit, cared for and handled only by experts employing the best winemaking techniques. This is the only way to become a quality benchmark and be present in more than 90 countries around the world.

La Mancha and its wines

Can you imagine a place where wine has marked the history, destiny and character of its people for centuries? That place exists and is set right in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula in the centre of Spain. Its strategic location and the suitability of its terroir for growing vines make the region of La Mancha a wine paradise.

Its grapes draw together the best qualities of the land to be transformed into wines capable of awakening the five senses. This unbeatable product is the result of the experience and love lavished on the fruit by growers and winemakers all 365 days of the year. This drink, together with the region’s endless fields of vines and windmills, inspired the amazing adventures of Don Quixote. Nowadays, La Mancha is the world’s largest vineyard. There’s no doubt that this land is famous for the quality of its wines and is the perfect place for discovering history, culture, architecture and gastronomy.

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