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The results of the D.O. La Mancha Awards 2012 were announced this week at Alcázar deSan Juan(Ciudad Real,Spain). This edition was highly competitive due to the number of wines participating, more than 800, and their outstanding quality, proving that 2011 vintage was excellent.

M. Gregorio Martin Zarco, D.O.La Mancha Control Board’s President, emphasized the good figures for D.O. La Mancha wine exports and the efforts made by our wineries in international markets.

On the other hand, the representatives of the Government of the Region of Castilla-La Mancha praised D.O.La Mancha for his for betting in international commerce and, also, they stressed that the wine industry of the Region is helping out overcome the economic crisis.

GOLDEN MEDAL LIST by category:


On the other hand, this is the winner list for the D.O. La Mancha Labelling and Presentation Competition by category:



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