La Mancha is an ideal area for growing grapes because the yield per hectare is not very high and of premium quality. In addition, the health of their vines is extraordinary due to the long hours of sunshine they receive and their great ripening cycle.

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Los vinos DO La Mancha no fallaron y volvieron a asistir a ProWein

DO La Mancha wines consolidate their image at ProWein 2018

2 April, 2018

The Regulatory Board attended this landmark wine fair in Düsseldorf for the fourth consecutive year Once again this year, the Regulatory Board travelled to the city of Düsseldorf (from 18 to 20 March) to promote the image of DO La Mancha wines.... Read more

Positive impressions in Chengdu

2 April, 2018

The Regulatory Board is pleased with its first overseas trip to China in 2018 The 98th China Food & Drinks Fair held in the capital of Sichuan last week, has left a very positive impression at Regulatory Board headquarters. “We had a high number... Read more

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The grape harvest in 360º

24 August, 2017

An experience with a 360º camera immersing viewers in the grape picking action Also known as spherical or 360º videos, they’re the latest technological leap in image recording. This new technique provides a full panoramic view of the action,... Read more

Delicate white chardonnay

7 August, 2017

Mechanised night-time harvesting has taken over DO La Mancha vineyards for the chardonnay variety, one of the first to be picked     The grape was first grown in the Burgundy region of France, although nowadays you could say it’s one of the most... Read more