La Mancha is an ideal area for growing grapes because the yield per hectare is not very high and of premium quality. In addition, the health of their vines is extraordinary due to the long hours of sunshine they receive and their great ripening cycle.

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Presentación vinos DO Mancha Estados Unidos 2015

D.O. La Mancha concludes first stage of U.S.A. Road Show

1 June, 2015

After the wine events in New York and Boston, the Denomination of Origen La Mancha has completed the first stage of his road show in U.S.A. and will continue in Atlanta, Miami, Houston and San Francisco. These presentations are targeting wine... Read more

hicago, show room del pasado año

From La Mancha to the USA

13 April, 2015

One year later, the Appellation of Origin La Mancha, Spain’s most expansive wine region, come back to US; and again, they have chosen the spring time to visit the country.   In this case, the Road show tour, tittled ‘La Mancha wines, the knight... Read more

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