8 great tattoo ideas for wine lovers

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Check out these tattoos from devotees who have made a lifetime commitment to wine. Tattoo wine ideas!

A tattoo is a permanent design made on skin with a needle and ink. Just how much of a wine lover are you? Wine stains on skin are so much cooler than wine stains on anything else!
There are many brilliant ideas that can be used to design a wine tattoo:

1) Wine quotes

“A day without wine is like a day without sunshine”


“In vino veritas” is a Latin phrase that means “in wine, truth”.


2) Wine glass

Wine glasses are prefect representation of tattoo designs for wine lovers.

Wine glass & Woodstock


Broken glass on the neck


Beautiful glass (back placement)

Wne tattoo - glass

Source: Pinterest


3) Abstract wine

Abstract ideas can be easily implemented in wine tattoos. Think of any wine ideas that are abstract.
This vibrant design is a beautifully abstract take on a wine glass.

Wine tattoo - abstract

Source: tattoo.com


This wonderful abstract tatoo creatively morphs wine into the form of a wine glass. The saying in Spanish means “If it makes you happy”.


This combination of wine glass and treble clef tattoo is the perfect design for showing your passion for both music and wine.

Wine tattoo - abstract

Source: tattoo.com


4) Grapes/vines

Grapes can symbolise a variety of different things in the world of tattoos such us passion, abundance and fertility.

A colorful cluster of grapes.

Wine tattoo - grapes

Source: Pinterest


Vine back piece

Wine tattoo - grapes

Source: tattoodo.com


5) Corkscrews

A corkscrew is an important possession of wine lovers and indicates its readiness to open any bottle of wine!

Modern corkscrew

Wine tattoo - corkscrew

Source: Pinterest


Old corkscrew

Wine tattoo - corkscrew

Source: evenmoreback


6) Grape names

How about tattooing the name of your favorite grape variety on your forearms?

Riesling lovers

Wine tattoo - name

Source: Pinterest


Cabernet Sauvignon lovers

Wine tattoo - name

Source: Pinterest


7) Wine bottles

Wine lovers are likely to fantasize wine bottle since they buy and stock a lot in their homes What about “stocking” a bottle on your body?



8) Other wine ideas




Wine tattoo - others

Sourceine: tattoo.com


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