“Tradition” is a word that’s closely linked to the essence and history of wines with La Mancha Designation of Origin. It’s precisely the value and exceptional nature of this tradition that has resulted in one of the seven categories of wines in this wine-producing region.


This is the yellow back label, dubbed “Traditional” and referring not only to the meticulous quality processes to which the wine has been subjected, but also to its method of production. This is a process in which the virtues of yesteryear converge with the latest technological advances, achieving an intermediate point between young wines and aged wines.


What are traditional wines?

Vinos tradicionales DO La Mancha

There just had to be a place in the La Mancha Designation of Origin for wines that are a real pleasure to drink. These are traditional wines that express all the rich history and wisdom of La Mancha, fused with the very latest technology. Wines that can’t be considered young, but they’re not Crianza either; their uniqueness goes further than that.

Contraetiqueta vinos tradicionales

Roughly speaking, traditional wines could be compared to Crianza wines. However, they’re stored in tanks or vats instead of in oak casks.

Plus, when it comes to making them, they give the winemakers a lot of scope, as they can use wines from the current campaign or from previous vintages. This allows them to create wines with a great deal of personality, although the production process has to be governed by certain rules that apply to the most classic winemaking processes, following very strict guidelines that mean they can obtain the greatest organoleptic potential from each wine.

What are the ideal pairings for traditional wines, according to their type?

Chipirones con morcilla y espárragos, como maridaje de vinos tradicionales DO La Mancha

One of the great virtues of the La Mancha Designation of Origin is the huge variety of wines to choose from and find the one that best each person’s tastes. Traditional wines include white, red and rosé. So we’re compiling a brief guide to the best pairings and the ideal temperature to serve them according to each choice.

Pairing traditional white wines

Like young whites, traditional whites are best served alongside seafood, fish and pickles, which make the perfect companions for enjoying the wine’s full potential. In fact, any mild-flavoured dish or product will pair really well with this kind of wine. If, for example, your traditional wine is sweet, there’s nothing better than serving it with a good dessert, plus it can even become a dessert in itself.

  • Serving temperature: 7º a 9ºC

Pairing traditional red wines

If you’re going to enjoy a good traditional red from the La Mancha Designation of Origin, it’s best to opt for dishes with stronger flavours, like meats, mushrooms, eggs, semi-cured or cured cheeses. If you prefer fish, don’t hesitate to discover the excellent harmony of flavours you’ll get with fish like salmon, trout or tuna.

  • Serving temperature: 10º a 13ºC

Maridajes de rosados tradicionales

Although there is a belief that any kind of rosé wine is difficult to pair, the truth is that there are endless dishes that connect their flavours wonderfully on the palate. For example, pasta, rice dishes, white meats and smoked fish. And don’t hesitate to drink them with pizza.

  • Serving temperature: 7º a 9ºC


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