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Buñuelos de viento and saint’s bones

26 October, 2016

We visit the bakery at Tradición 1892 cake shop in Alcázar de San Juan, with a lovely aroma of pastries wafting over us. Despite the order and cleanliness, there’s frenetic activity here in the build-up to All Saints’ Day. In this shop, run by fifth generation artisan pastry makers, they innovate without renouncing tradition. One… Read more »

Cod with ‘Capilla’ sauce

18 October, 2016

This cod stands for traditional values. From serving daily lunches to becoming a trendy gastro-bar on the region’s gastronomic itineraries, in late 2011, La Capilla de Palacio turned its image and design around completely to invest in new trends.  “We haven’t turned our backs on simplicity in the kitchen, but we’re now looking to give… Read more »

Wild mushrooms with lamb sweetbreads

10 October, 2016

Setas con mollejas de cordero

An iconic spot, just about to celebrate its first century of life, whose walls have been infused with 20th century history in Alcázar de San Juan since the premises was founded in 1917. Because of this, and perhaps also because of the name it is associated with, ‘Viña E’, (each letter to identify a vineyard… Read more »

Barbecued octopus with langoustines and DO La Mancha Verdejo

10 August, 2016

In summertime, there’s nothing better than doing a gastronomy route and discovering new culinary experiences, trying new flavours and aromas and tasting other varieties and wines from our wine-growing region. We’ve visited one of the most multi-faceted premises in the nerve centre of Alcázar de San Juan, gastrobar La Cayetana, headed by Mariano Díaz-Miguel. As… Read more »

Red tuna salad with DO La Mancha Chardonnay

2 August, 2016

Ensalada de atún rojo

It’s time to enjoy with this red tuna salad, a fresh and varied set of flavours paired with DO La Mancha Chardonnay. In summertime there’s nothing better than eating something that provides a range of flavours and a different kind of freshness on the palate. At the restaurant of Hotel Insula Barataria in Alcázar de San… Read more »

Frozen yogurt and berries.

20 June, 2016


Good weather is coming and ice creams are a one of the most recurrent desserts. They are a delicatessen that needs no excuse to be enjoyed, and if they are as the one we are occupies today in this article, hundred percent natural, even more. In the photograph you can see a Greek yogurt ice… Read more »