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Largest varieties of wine produced in the world

10 May, 2018

Airén and Tempranillo are among the top 10 varieties of wine produced in the world´s vineyard. The top ten main grape varieties in the world have an “Asian aroma”. This is evident from the report of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), which maintains that the world vineyard area has experienced a slight… Read more »

Infographic gallery 2016

29 December, 2016

2016 has been a year full of moments, moments that have been shared with the loved ones or even with strangers; but always with a glass of wine in our hand… From La Mancha Designation of Origin we want to remember all those moments drinking a glass of wine, and the best way to do… Read more »

8 great tattoo ideas for wine lovers

7 December, 2016

Check out these tattoos from devotees who have made a lifetime commitment to wine. Tattoo wine ideas! A tattoo is a permanent design made on skin with a needle and ink. Just how much of a wine lover are you? Wine stains on skin are so much cooler than wine stains on anything else! There are… Read more »

World wine production in 2016

2 November, 2016


One of the lowest in the 21st century According to data released by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (the OIV), world wine production for 2016 is estimated to be 259 million hectolitres, a 5% drop. In October, the first estimated figures for the current world wine situation were presented by Jean Marie Aurand,… Read more »

10 Halloween Wine Accessories

19 October, 2016

Planning on throwing a Halloween party with your family and friends? If so, of course you want to have the best and spookiest decor. Check out these Halloween wine accessories for all your party needs 1. Bottle stoppers Halloween-themed bottle stoppers for those bottles of wine your guests don’t finish.     Source: Wine Vine… Read more »

Pisto manchego versus ratatouille

9 August, 2016

The large pisto of Villanueva de los Infantes will try to set the Guinness World Record Next 4th of September there is a challenge to do: make the largest pisto manchego in the world. Since October 2014, the record “weighs” 563 kilograms of ratatouille and it was achieved on the set of Chez Remy in… Read more »

Los suelos en La Mancha

15 June, 2016

El suelo manchego refleja la buena evolución del viñedo

  Vasta en horizontes, con un clima de interior, fuertemente continentalizado en el rigor térmico de sus temperaturas (de -15 en invierno a 42 en verano) y unas precipitaciones anuales no muy abundantes (300/400 mm.), ciertamente, La Mancha dibuja un panorama lejos de aquellas campiñas idílicas  que imaginaba nuestro Hidalgo Caballero, Don Quijote. Sin embargo,… Read more »

Green pruning

8 June, 2016

We know the benefits of green pruning, a work done before the flowering period in spring to ensure a better production quality of the grapes It is done when the clusters are still tender and easy to use, and no use of scissors is necessary, several months in advance to the harvest period. The clusters… Read more »

Wine: Your great ally in the “bikini mission”

6 June, 2016

With the arrival of spring and heat, many of us begin to think about the possible amount of weight gained during the winter period and seek a solution to that possible overweight to get ready for the summer, thinking about our summer clothes, but especially in the garment of excellence during summer: the bikini and… Read more »

The wines from Cervantes ancient time

17 May, 2016

DO La Mancha wines, return to the city of the 3 cultures, Toledo, on a very special year since it is the gastronomic capital of the region and the city remembers the typical dishes that are represent in Don Quixote. If there is a period of artistic and historical supremacy regarding the culture of wine… Read more »

Madrid, traditional market for manchego wines

10 May, 2016

The Regulatory Council redoubles efforts promoting DO La Mancha wines in the capital of Spain It was during the period of the Roman Empire, when in the Iberian Peninsula, like in the rest of Romanized Europe, commercial wine tours were established, but it was only later, during the late Middle Ages, when production areas of… Read more »

Gregorio Martín-Zarco will be named favourite son of the region

4 May, 2016

  The president of the Regulatory Council DO La Mancha was named last 31st of May (Day of the Region) favorite son of Castilla-La Mancha. The regional president, Emiliano García Page, surprised him with this news at the opening of the “Fair of Flavours” (Feria de Sabores) in Alcázar de San Juan. Martín-Zarco said it… Read more »

Consuming wine in moderation helps to slim down

3 May, 2016


According to the recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, research corroborates the metabolic benefits of wine consumed with moderation Once again wine becomes the protagonist thanks to their qualities of moderate intake and its aesthetic consequences, even better, healthy for the body. So it is explained in the paper La Vanguardia. Recent research… Read more »